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JDS1100 / EU-CA

Product features:

Size A [ mm ]70
Size B [ mm ]12.5
Power [ kW ]1.2
Voltage [ V ]12
No./mount. holes2
No./mount. holes with thread1
No./teeth (fits into)8

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Reference number

  0986017661                   BOSCH      

111459           CARGO      

CST20127AS                      CASCO      

9575               CEVAM      

EAA-121160                       EAA            

11814             EAI             

25-1460         ELSTOCK  

8052168         FRIESEN    

JS1100           HC PARTS

8EA011610-621                  HELLA       

8EA737484-001                  HELLA       

S114-520       HITACHI    

S114-520B    HITACHI


S114-530       HITACHI    


S114-533       HITACHI    


S114-534       HITACHI    


S114-750       HITACHI    


S114-758       HITACHI    

S114-766       HITACHI    


S114-766A    HITACHI    


S114-800       HITACHI    


S114-800A    HITACHI    


S114-800B    HITACHI    


S114-802       HITACHI    

S114-802A    HITACHI    


22.1100          LAUBER     

22.1100M      LAUBER     




M1T72085     MITSUBISHI                   



M1T72086A                        MITSUBISHI


M1T72087     MITSUBISHI                   


M1T72087A                        MITSUBISHI                   


M1T72088     MITSUBISHI                   


23300-0M200                     NISSAN     

23300-0M301                     NISSAN     


23300-0M302                     NISSAN


23300-0M30A                    NISSAN     

23300-50Y00                      NISSAN     

23300-50Y01                      NISSAN     


23300-50Y10                      NISSAN     


23300-50Y11                      NISSAN     


23300-65Y00                      NISSAN     

23300-81N00                      NISSAN     

23300-81N11                      NISSAN     


23300-84A07                      NISSAN     

23300-84A17                      NISSAN     

23300-OM301                    NISSAN     

23300-OM302                    NISSAN     

8212332         POWERMAX                  

66925126       PRESTOLITE                   

2014-016RS                        RS               

17146N          WAI / TRANSPO            

STR72040      WOODAUTO

S2016           AS

S2016R         AS


NISSAN Brand               Model            Type              Year              Comments

NISSAN       Almera 1.5     (N16)[QG15DE]                08.2002-      

NISSAN       Almera 1.6     (N15)[GA16DE]                 07.1995-03.2000                AT

NISSAN       Almera 1.6 SLX                  (N15)[GA16DE]                 07.1995-04.2000                AT

NISSAN       Almera 1.8     (N16)[QG18DE]                01.2000-       ATCC

NISSAN       Almera Tino 1.8                  (V10)[QG18DE]                 05.2000-       ATCC

NISSAN       Almera Tino 1.8 i                 (V10M)[QG18DE]             05.2000-       ATCC

NISSAN       Primera 1.6    (P12)[QG16DE]                 03.2002-       CC

NISSAN       Primera 1.6 16V                  (P11)[GA16DE]                 06.1996-12.2001               

NISSAN       Primera 1.6 16V                  (P11)[QG16DE]                 09.2000-12.2001                CC

NISSAN       Primera 1.6 i  (W10)[GA16DS]                01.1995-12.1997               

NISSAN       Primera 1.6 Visia                 (WP12)[QG16DE]             01.2002-      

NISSAN       Primera 1.8    (P12)[QG18DE]                 03.2002-       CC

NISSAN       Primera 1.8 16V                  (P11)[QG18DE]                 08.1999-12.2001                CC


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