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243708401 / JUBANA /

Starter with reduction gear 24V 4,0 kW; BOGDAN (ISUZU), NISSAN

Voltage 24 V

Power 4 KW

Rotation CCW

No./ teeth 11

Starter's type  OSGR










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CARGO        113675

DIXIE           S-80102

HITACHI      S25163

HITACHI      S25163A

HITACHI      S25163B

HITACHI      S25163C

HITACHI      S25163E

HITACHI      S25163F

HITACHI      S25163G

HITACHI      S25168

HITACHI      S25168A

HITACHI      S25171

HITACHI      S25501

HITACHI      S25501A

HITACHI      S25501B

HITACHI      S25505A

HITACHI      S25505C

HITACHI      S25505E

HITACHI      S25505G

ISUZU          8970324640

ISUZU          8970324642

ISUZU          8970655260

ISUZU          8970958110

ISUZU          8970958112

ISUZU          8973239352

JUBANA      243708301

JUBANA      243708401

LESTER        18960

PIC               104-356



WAI              18960N



113675           CARGO      

CST20606AS                      CASCO      

CST20606GS                      CASCO      

EAA-121321                       EAA            

S25-163         HITACHI    


S25-163A      HITACHI    


S25-163B      HITACHI    


S25-163C      HITACHI    


S25-168         HITACHI    


S25-308         HITACHI    


S25-501         HITACHI    


S25-501A      HITACHI    


S25-501B      HITACHI    


S25-501C      HITACHI    

S25-505         HITACHI    


S25-505C      HITACHI    


S25-505F       HITACHI    


S25-505G      HITACHI    


S25-505H      HITACHI    

S25-505J       HITACHI    

S25-505K      HITACHI    

S25-515         HITACHI    

S25-515A      HITACHI    


S25-515AS    HITACHI    

S25-515B      HITACHI    

S25-515C      HITACHI    

8-97032464-2                     ISUZU        

8-97065526-0                     ISUZU        

8-97095811-0                     ISUZU        

8-97095811-2                     ISUZU        


8-97216186-1                     ISUZU        

8-97323935-2                     ISUZU        

8-98054984-0                     ISUZU        

8-98222018-1                     ISUZU        

28.3049          LAUBER     

RNLS25-163                       RNL            

2014-008RS                        RS               

18960N          WAI / TRANSPO            

STR72046      WOODAUTO

S2008           AS


ISUZU Brand                   Model            Type              Year              Comments

ISUZU          NKR 3.6       NKR66         06.1987-



NISSAN Brand               Model            Type              Year              Comments

NISSAN       Cabstar 5.7    818                04.1985-      

NISSAN       YE 03                                 01.1980-      

NISSAN       YGF 03                              01.1980-

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