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123708325 / JUBANA /

CARRARO, CASE, EUROMACCHINE, NEW HOLLAND (with an additional solenoid)

Alternattive products: 123708550 with an aditional solenoid (12V 3,2 kW)

Voltage V                            12

Power                                   4,2

Rotation                            CW

No./ teeth                     10







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CARGO        110449

CAV             1320015

CAV             1320023

CAV             1320024

CAV             1320027

CAV             1320028

CAV             1320029

CAV             1320510

CAV             1320513

CAV             1320515

CAV             1320720

CAV             1327010

CAV             1320F022

CAV             1320F027

CAV             1320F028

CAV             1320F513

CAV             1320F515

CAV             1320F720

CAV             1320G027

CAV             1320G028

CAV             1320G515

CAV             1320G720

CAV             1320H720

CAV             1327A010

CAV             1327A011

CAV             1327A040

CAV             1327A090

CAV             CA45C12-2

CAV             CA45C12-51

CAV             CA45CS12-4

CAV             CA45D12-2

CAV             CA45D12-51

CAV             CA45D12-51A

CAV             CA45D12-72

CAV             CA45D12-Y51

CAV             CA45F12-2

CAV             CA45F12-51

CAV             CA45F12-51A

CAV             CA45F12-72

CAV             CA45F12-Y2

CAV             CA45F12-Y51

CAV             CA45F12-Y72

CAV             CA45G12-2

CAV             CA45G12-51

CAV             CA45G12-72

CAV             CA45H12-2

CAV             CA45H12-72

CAV             S11512-1

CAV             S115A12-1

CAV             S115A12-12

CLAAS         6023890

DELCO REMY                  DRS3503

ELSTOCK    25-0016

ELSTOCK    25-3079



JUBANA      123708325

LUCAS         LRT00608

LUCAS         LRT00644

LUCAS         LRT00646

PERKINS     2873109

PERKINS     2873147

PRESTOLITE                     870644Z





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