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114217 / CARGO

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Voltage [ V ]12
Power [ kW ]2.0
No./mount. holes3
No./mount. holes with thread0
No./teeth (fits into)22

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S5143            AS               


UD10737S     AS               

CST35213GS                      CASCO      

9687               CEVAM      

05033440AA                       CHRYSLER                     

05033440AC                       CHRYSLER                     

5033440AA  CHRYSLER                     

5033440AC  CHRYSLER                     

DRS0126       DELCO       

EAA-121947                       EAA            

12132             EAI             

25-3424         ELSTOCK  

8080353         FRIESEN    

CS1460          HC PARTS

22.1460          LAUBER     

LRS02253      LUCAS       

1810A062      MITSUBISHI                   


1810A143      MITSUBISHI                   


M001T93071                      MITSUBISHI                   


M001T93171ZC                 MITSUBISHI                   


M001T93371                      MITSUBISHI                   


M001T93371ZC                 MITSUBISHI                   

M001T93571                      MITSUBISHI


M1T93071     MITSUBISHI                   


M1T93171     MITSUBISHI                   


M1T93171ZC                     MITSUBISHI



M1T93371ZC                     MITSUBISHI                   

M1T93571     MITSUBISHI                   


150.555.223  PSH            

RNLM1T93071                   RNL            

2016-143RS                        RS               

33253N          WAI / TRANSPO            

STR71207      WOODAUTO

S5143           AS


DODGE Brand                Model            Type              Year              Comments

DODGE        Avenger 2.0 CRD               [ECD]           01.2007-      

DODGE        Caliber 2.0 CRD                 [ECD]           01.2006-


JEEP Brand                      Model            Type              Year              Comments

JEEP             Compass 2.0 CRD              [ECD]           01.2006-      

JEEP             Patriot 2.0 CRD                  [ECD]           01.2006-


MITSUBISHI Brand        Model            Type              Year              Comments

MITSUBISHI                     Grandis 2.0 DI-D                [BSY]            01.2005-      

MITSUBISHI                     Lancer 2.0 DI-D                 [BKD]           01.2008-      

MITSUBISHI                     Outlander 2.0 DI-D             [BSY]            01.2007-

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