Reduktorius / 234664


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234664 / CARGO

OD                72.30

Height mm     33.33

No. of teeth   37

ID                  47.40



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Reference number

 231347      CARGO      

234664           CARGO      

CQ2070014  CQ              

F7RE11A165CA                 FORD         

F7RU11A165CA                FORD         

2139-002RS                        RS               

2139-010RS                        RS               

EC47186        WOODAUTO

SG9002         AS

SG9010         AS



93BB11000JB                    FORD

96BB11000AA                   FORD

97BB11000BB                   FORD

97BB11000BC                   FORD

98AA11000BC                  FORD

98AB11000AC                  FORD

98VB11000B1A                 FORD

98VB11000B3A                 FORD

98VB11000BA                   FORD

F3RZ11002C                     FORD

F50Y11002A                     FORD



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