Stends uz diagnostiku 

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  • Tester MS016 checks the performance of 12/24V automotive alternators and detects faults in their operation directly on a car or on the test bench, which provides its drive. Also, the tester checks voltage regulators with a nominal voltage of 12/24V for operability and compliance with their technical characteristics.

  • MS005 is a multifunctional test bench for quick and quality diagnostics of automotive alternators and starters with a nominal voltage of 12, 24 volts, alternators with vacuum pumps, and car batteries. There are two new features in development: diagnostics of start/stop and 48V alternators.

  • (L×W×H), mm120×65×18Weight, kg0,15Supply voltage, Vfrom 10 V to 18 VConnection terminals«COM» («LIN», «BSS»), «SIG», «RLO», RVC» «C KOR.», «P-D», «C JAP.».Nominal voltage of tested alternators, V12 

Rādīt 1 - 3 of 3 vienības