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•  Test A and B Circuit, 12 and 24 Volt Alternator Regulators
•  Test Field Circuit with 0.5A and 3.0A Loads, 1A (24Volt.)



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For :  •  Test Field Circuit with 0.5A and 3.0A Loads, 1A (@24Volt.

Notes:  •  Warning Light Circuit to Simulate Vehicle Indicator Lamp for 12 and 24 volt regulators
•  Dual stator Output for Valeo type regulators and dual Frequency, replaces VRC101-34
•  5 Volt lamp (LI) for F601 type application and also for PCM type lamp circuits driven from 5 Volts

Features:  •  Built in VRC101-31 Functions; enables test of F601 type regulators at 13 volts, 14 Volts and 15 Volts
•  Universal power supply 47 – 63 Hz, 100 – 240 VAC and 3 amp fuse included.
•  Built in “PD” tester to replace VRC101-26
•  Built in drivers for BSS and LIN regulators in position one
•  Lead Set and Test Manual Provided
•  Push Button identify Active L-Terminal (Choke Drive)
•  Push Button identify Presence of Over-Voltage Function
•  Push Button C (Computer) type regulators.


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